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Since the early days of GNSS, it has been the dream of hydrographers to exploit the height ordinate to derive real-time tide information.

C-Tides is C-Nav's answer to the dream; two software applications combining the exceptional  real-time accuracy of C-Nav with the latest in advanced ocean and coastal models delivering Mean Sea Surface (MSS) elevation in real-time. 

C-Tides Online Features Include: 

  • Real-time elevation filter
  • Vessel offsets and dynamic aiding option
  • Comprehensive plots of
    • Real-time Mean Sea Surface (MSS) elevation
    • Real-time VORF elevations
  • Variable draft corrections  

C-Tides Offline Features Include:

  • Data smoothing with our outlier editing
  • Predicted world tides
  • LAT (amplified Indian Spring Low Water method)
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Doodson X0 filter

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