C-Nav® offers a wide range of solutions to meet any positioning requirement.

Customers have a choice of two redundant satellite clock and orbit correction data messages, C-NavC1 and C-NavC2. Each is simultaneously broadcasted across the globe by seven INMARSAT geosynchronous satellites.
C-Nav Drillship

  • C-Nav3050 GNSS receiver provides 66-channel tracking with multi-constellation support for GPS, GLONASS, C-Nav, and SBAS (WAAS / EGNOS) signals; and accepts external RTCM input corrections over the Internet. A choice of data rates make corrections via the C-Nav CCSI Internet delivery option a practical solution for reception at higher latitudes and in shadow zones.
  • C-Nav7000 is a rack-mounted, user-friendly, and configurable multi-correction source GNSS housed in a ruggedized 19Ē (2U) rack-mount unit. Key features include:
    • User choice of correction options including:
      • C-Nav Worldwide Corrections Services
    • C-Nav Worldwide Corrections Services
      • Public SBAS services (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, GAGAN)
      • IALA beacon receiver module
      • UHF broadcast corrections module
      • Centimetric C-Nav RTK Extend
    • Corrections source prioritization software feature
    • Visual indicators of correction options available
C-Nav7000 allows users to make the most of the many features that C-Nav has to offer including: Correction Source Prioritization, All-in-view Parallel Tracking of 66 channels, built-in C-NavC1 / C-NavC2 L-band receivers, and a variety of QA/QC applications.
  • C-Mariner is a scalable Ring Laser Gyro (RLG) system based upon technology developed at Honeywell Aerospace with a proven track record of over 3.6 billion operational hours. C-Mariner is optimized for integration with the C-Nav3050 GNSS receiver and is upgradable to output heading, pitch, roll, heave, position, and velocity; and is a fully compliant Inertial Navigation System (INS).
  • C-Monitor is graphical software for supervising the operation and performance of one or more differential GNSS systems. It is compliant with latest OGP / IMCA QA / QC Guidelines for GNSS Positioning within the Oil and Gas Industry and allows for preset "user-defined" alarm settings or limits.
  • C-Navigator IIIis an intuitive touch-screen controller that provides real-time system accuracy and performance parameters for multiple GNSS receivers. The rugged and reliable wheelhouse-friendly display supports multiple NMEA inputs and outputs. It is fully compliant with the latest OGP / IMCA Guidelines for GNSS Positioning within the Oil and Gas Industry.
  • C-Scape software provides independent real-time monitoring of any Dynamic Positioning (DP) system. The simple intuitive interface furnishes situational awareness to users during drill ship, dive boat, ROV vessel, and other operations by blending multiple sensors with map file overlays.
  • C-Tides is a software package that combines the exceptional vertical accuracy of the C-Nav3050 receiver with advanced ocean surface models to deliver real-time elevations relative to the Mean Sea Surface (MSS), Vertical Offshore Reference Frame (VORF), and EGM2008. Two independent options are offered: an online package for real-time acquisition; and an offline package with post-processing and other advanced features. Accuracy is within accepted constituent limits to achieve IHO SP44 Order 1 or better[1].
  • C-NavC1is a worldwide subscription service providing 30cm or better positioning accuracy.* GPS corrections are broadcast via Inmarsat geostationary satellites, providing highly reliable positioning coverage from 72 degrees north to 72 degrees south latitude.
  • C-NavC2is a premier worldwide subscription service providing 5cm or better positioning accuracy.* GNSS corrections are broadcast via Inmarsat geostationary satellites, providing highly accurate and reliable positioning coverage from 72 degrees north to 72 degrees south latitude. Reception at any latitude is achievable when incorporating C-Navís CCIS Internet delivery capability.

*At one sigma within adequate INMARSAT and GNSS satellite visibility

[1] Subject to tidal regime limitation




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